Garment Care

Tips on how to take care of your Playhood knitwear!

for cotton knits 

-lay flat to dry to keep softness

for viscose knits 

- Lay flat to dry 

for polyester knits 


If you shrank your garment by accident... in the dryer.

if you accidentally made a hole in you knitwear...

 if you pulled a thread and it came loose...

Best ways to hang or care for your garment.

+ Always refer to your washing tag! 

+ Wash with similar colour clothing.

Colour may bleed.

+ Wash inside out.

+ Do not tumble dry or wring.

+ Wash only every few weeks....or even months!

Air your denim pieces instead.

+ When washing, add a few drops of vinegar to maintain colour. 

(Not applicable to PLAYHOOD painted pieces!)


Unless you know how to, it IS a fire hazard.

+ Put it in the freezer.

(In a bag perhaps and with your family/roommates' permission)


+ Wipe gently with a cloth over dirty surfaces.

+ DO NOT rub into painted surfaces continuously when wet.

(Otherwise it is waterproof)

+ DO NOT add vinegar when soaking;

Vinegar stripes off anything unnatural.

+ DO NOT rub against rough surfaces.

+ Yes, you may fold it in your wardrobe.