Pink Sock Charm Necklace

Pink Sock Charm Necklace

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About the Brand:

Ankle Biters is a homegrown jewellery and accessories brand that specialises in bold and animated clay pieces. Founded by Kirah, the brand is a platform for artistic self expression as part of her craft and passion.


This adorable necklace is searching for a loving home to be in, perhaps you could take it in? 🥺

Do expect some imperfections such as air bubbles, smudges, etc as 100% of these necklaces are handmade. They are all unique and are not made in bulk quantities. I can assure you that they were all carefully crafted with love ❤️

As they are made of polymer clay, they are very lightweight! For this collection, they are made out of Sculpey Polymer Clay! :-) The clay is glazed with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.


Approximately 25cm in length.


These babies are frightful of huge amounts of water, best to place them away when showering, swimming, etc.! Other than that, the babies are conditioned to fight against any other wear and tear :) 


Our botanical bucket hats are going fast and soon they will be gone! Available in 4 different colors and two sizes, M and L, 56.5cm and 58cm respectively.