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Can I wash the painted garments?

Yes of course! We recommend hand-washing with cold water. It has been tested by our team and the paint will not run as long as the garment is not deliberatly rub against rough surfaces. Do refer to our "Garment Care" guide for further instructions how to keep your painted garments in their best condition.

What if the paint falls?

In the case the paint rubs off, we offer free retouching services. Do refer to our "Garment Care" guide for further instructions how to keep your painted garments in their best condition.

How do I place a custom order?

Contact us via Instagram or email us at! Let us know what you're looking for and we would advise you further on it. Do allow our team 1-2working days to get back to you.

Do I have to provide my own denim?

Yes and no. You may provide a pre-loved denim from your wardrobe or alternately, you may purchase a Vintage jacket OR a PLAYHOOD design from us. A special rebate will be given for those who buys a product from us. If none of the above is to your liking, our team can source for a design of your choice from stores for an extra cost.

How much are your painted pieces?

Do you paint on leather or other mediums?

Excluding denim, we accept canvas and steady fabrics such as cotton twill such as canvas shoes ONLY, caps/hats and tote bags. We would accept leather pieces depending on the product's condition. Every product will only be accepted for painting after examination.

What paint do you use?

We mix our own paint, that's part of the fun! ;)

How long would it take to be completed?

We serve on a first-come-first-served basis. It can take up to 3 months. The suggested deadline includes consideration for the queue, jacket sourcing, design consultation and the time it takes for your jacket to be painted. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't get it in lesser time than that. It will be worth your while. ;)

Is it possible to replicate a design?

We may re-design/re-paint one with a similiar aesthetic and style but there will be minor differences due to its' hand-painted factor.

How do I wash the garments?

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS -Hand wash in cold water -Do not machine wash -Do not wring -Do not machine wash -Do not tumble dry -Do not bleach -Iron on medium heat DO NOT rub painted surfaces harshly when wet. If there is a stain, rub gently with a cloth.

Why are painted garments so expensive?

Every other design is different from each other making it almost exclusive. The price also represents the worth of the workmanship involved as if you're purchasing an artwork in the form of a garment.

General FAQ

Is everything handpainted?

Yes! Everything under the "Painted" section in our shop are all hand-painted in our studio. However, our prints on our ready-to-wear series are either digitally printed or silk-screened.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. Shipping is charged accordingly to your order's destination. Taxes and handling fees are not in PLAYHOOD's control. Please contact your local authority for further information. Please refer to our "Shipping" guide for further information.

Would Vintage jackets be restocked?

Our vintage jackets are all sourced from different countries thus there is only one piece of each in its' mentioned size. We will however, constantly update our store with new jackets every now and then.

Is your clothing for females or males?

Our clothing are all unisex unless stated! We believe both sexes would be able to find their rightful fit with us!

My order is faulty, what do I do?

Do contact our customer service team at at the earliest date once you recieve your order. Please specify the defective product in question, picture (if necessary) and order number.

Can I reserve a product?

ONLINE Unfortunately we do not have a reservation system for our e-store. Once products are sold-out, they will not be restocked. IN-STORES If you're visiting our showroom, we can hold a product up to 24hours in-stores. The product will be released once the reservation expires.

How can I cancel my order?

Yes you may by contacting our customer services team. Our team will help you with the refunding process and cancellation of your order. In the case where the order has been dispatched, cancellation is not available.


How do your size run?

The sizes stated on our products are all UK sizes. For oversized fits, we recommend you to opt for a size smaller than usual if you're seeking for a more regular fit T-SHIRTS Our T-Shirts are unisex size. PLAYHOOD DENIM JACKETS
Our jackets come in 2 sizes 'XS/S' and 'M/L'. They are designed to be slightly oversized. Those with smaller build may opt for 'XS/S' and 'M/L' for those medium - bigger build. VINTAGE JACKETS Our Vintage jackets size listed does not reflect the size label on the jacket as vintage measurements vary from modern sizes.
We highly recommend to check the measurement table. SHOES Pre-painted shoes are only available in the one pair. If you would like a pair in your size / preferred shoes, you may put in an order for the same design. Due to the different variations, we recommend to view the specific product's page for measurements. For further questions, you may email us.

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