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PLAYHOOD is based in sunny Singapore. Offering a variety of botanical illustrations hand-painted onto denim apparel and also unisex Ready-to-wear.

Through seasonal collections, a variation of illustrations painted on denim will be available. Resulting in unique and exclusive pieces.

Customisation services is available for wearers whom are allowed to choose accordingly. Different flowers suggest different meanings and may be seen as another language.

Sarah is an Alumna of London College of Fashion and has previously worked at Mary Katrantzou, Xiao Li and Bart Hess. She founded PLAYHOOD after returning to Singapore in 2017.

Combining her field of practice and interest in illustrations, garments have become her choice of canvas.

PLAYHOOD has since participated in The Local people @ Singapore Night Festival, Public Garden, Sole Superior, Bi-annual fashion festival OUTSIDER and most recently a collaborative pop-up at Bugis+.

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We accept VISA, Paypal and Stripe.


Registered since 2018.